We are children of the Moon.  See a high tide at full moon you will understand that the Moon causes growth. In the days gone by farmers knew to seed, plant and harvest their produce by the moon cycles. We have chosen the finest coffee and jams that honor this. Our teas are fair-trade and organic. We are delighted to prepare customized vegan breakfasts from an a la carte menu. Just remember to let us know in advance.


We are not running out of water. The earth keeps making it. We are, however, running out of clean water. Our villa is very particular about the water we serve. Water is a liquid computer and absorbs all the information it is exposed to. We have sourced spring water from Mountain Valley Spring Water. We also serve Kangen water which replicates the planet's miracle waters by restructuring it through ionization. 


Gina Roda is the queen of sacred numerology. Her insights and downloads are priceless and offer guidance to our guests from all over the world. Numbers hold the key to the universe, our life's purpose and how we can fulfill our highest potential. Gina also reigns supreme over the villa, ensuring that Kalpa Vriksha is a place of love and nurturing. 

You receive a personal, warm welcome to Los Angeles.


Veganism is not a fad. It is the new world order of compassion. Already proven to reduce the risk of illness by 800 percent, more people are hopping on to this style of living. Do not be concerned! Our vegan villa is not full of fundamentalists. We are sharing a lifestyle of wellbeing and kindness here. All are welcome.


As a traveller, jumping on and off planes and in and out of cars, there is nothing more crucial than self-care. Walking bare-feet and having a massage are two important antidotes to jetlag (along with some local raw honey). So if you feel like activating you lymph system and taking care of yourself with a fabulous massage...Book in advance or on arrival.


We don't subscribe to eating worthy food, we believe in eating yummy food. As curiosity about veganism grows, so do the number of inspiring chefs, creating exceptional food. The People's Food Revolution can teach you how to make easy and delicious food fast - from nut milks to guilt free fudge and everything in between. Schedule a private class with us.